Tricky position with two options:

  1. Make the 4-point and leave a “six’er-shot”
  2. Hit on the ace and move the blot on the 4-point

In both cases, you leave 11 hit-numbers

However, there is a significant difference between the two options and that is the prime. It is much harder to roll a 1 and a 3 and then jump the prime, than it is to “just” roll a 6. This is a very technical position, and I reckon that most people would simply leave the six’er shot and close their eyes.

The correct move is:

  1. 6/1* 4/2
  2. 7/2 6/4 (-0,134)
  3. 7/5 7/2 (-0,167)



”If you are trailing the race after your move, you almost always need to stay back”. This is not an exception to the rule. The easy decision is to let the three last checkers stay and wait for the contact. This makes it easier to play.

The correct move is: 

  1. 8/4(2)
  2. 13/11  8/4 6/4 (-0,03)
  3. 9/7 8/4 6/4 (-0,014)
  4. 22/20(2) 9/5 (-0,206)


This is a position where you come in from the bar and realize that you are immediately under the gun with no way of avoiding it. The best defense in this case is making a point in your board. The 4-point appears to be the strongest point. However, if you make the 4-point you are left with a terrible 4 which can only be moved to the 6-point as you do not wish to play on with 5-6 blots in this situation. Personally, I would probably just choose to make the 2-point and play 10/6 with the last 4. This minimizes the number of blots and it gives a better distribution of the checkers. The idea of better distribution of checkers is good and it can save you from making bigger errors later on in the game.  

The correct move is: 

  1. Bar/21 10/6 8/4(2)
  2. Bar/21 10/2 6/2 (-0,019)
  3.  Bar/21 13/9 8/4(2) (-0,056)
  4. Bar/21 8/4(2) 6/2 (-0,061)


”When you have the best board, you can play more freely”.

In this case, you actually only have two options:

  1. 24/18  13/9 (6/2 is not very good this early in the game)
  2. Making the 2-point

The 2-point is probably the play most would choose. It duplicates some 1s and not much risk is connected with this move. However, it is NOW you need to move and take some initiative as you have the best board.

The correct move is: 

  1. 24/18  13/9
  2. 8/2 6/2 (-0,023)
  3. 13/3 (-0,042)
  4. 24/18 6/2 (-0,042)


”The 5-point is stronger than the bar-point”

It’s a good rule if you get the luxurious opportunity of making either one of them. Besides, it is a point that generally serves a better defense.

The correct move is: 

  1. 11/5 6/5
  2. 13/7 8/7 (-0,172)


Standard at all match scores. You’d like to be hit where you get the most return-shots. 24/18 and then the flexible 13/11. If you play both from 24, you will have less hitting-numbers from the bar.

The correct move is: 

  1. 24/18  13/11
  2. 24/16 (-0,044)
  3. 24/22  24/18 (-0,051)
  4. 13/11  13/7 (-0,052)
  5. 13/5 (-0,059)